Sticky toffee

A sticky date cake with a layer of caramel or Biscoff, and a salted caramel buttercream. A client favourite!


Classic White Vanilla sponge cake that’s perfectly paired with various fillings and buttercreams. The most popular combination is a layer of Raspberry Conserve with Vanilla Bean Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

*Variations include Lemon made with a layer of lemon curd and filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream and Raspberry Conserve paired with White chocolate buttercream, Oreo Cookies and Cream made with crushed Oreos through the cake, Vanilla Latte flavoured with Espresso.

Chocolate Fudge*

A Rich Dense Chocolate Mud Cake perfectly paired with dark chocolate ganache or a lovely chocolate buttercream

*Variations include Chocolate Marshmallow made filled with a layer of marshmallow fluff and chocolate ganache, Orange Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Raspberry Chocolate or Bailey’s.

Red Velvet

A classic American recipe using buttermilk and a hint of cocoa for it’s distinguished taste and light texture. Pair it with Vanilla Bean Vegan Buttercream


A spicy carrot cake loaded with sultanas and walnuts with Vanilla Bean Vegan Buttercream


A gorgeous take on Banana bread, slightly lighter and sweeter. Paired perfectly with Vegan Caramel and Caramel Buttercream, or Vanilla Bean Vegan Buttercream