How I made my Noah’s Ark Cake

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Cake International Birmingham 2016 My Marie Antoinette Cake

Myself and Victoria at the Cake Masters awards
Myself and Michelle Green of The Business of Baking. I was DELIGHTED to meet this amazing woman xx

Today is one of those days that I feel like that successful mom. You know those mornings that you wake up to a clean house, the kids are dressed (okay just the one, but believe me that’s progress in my books), you’ve got showered, dressed, hair and makeup done. The coffee pot is brewing away and scrambled eggs and bacon are cooking on the stove and it’s not even 9am on a Saturday morning?! Yeah I’m relishing in this too as it NEVER happens.

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How I make my Caramel


My mom, and my grandmother used to make their luscious Dulce de Leche caramel by boiling a tin of Sweetened condensed milk on the stove for a few hours, always making sure to keep it topped up with water. I always knew my mom was going to make Banoffee Pie when she did this and my gran used it to fill her signature chocolate cake.

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