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Chocolate Brownies

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a weakness for chocolate brownies…that’s a bit redundant isn’t it? Aren’t all brownies chocolate?! 🤷🏻‍♀️ Brownies seem to be the quintessential North American treat so growing up in South Africa, we never really had Brownies. I grew up with Chocolate Crunchies (an Oats and golden syrup type concoction) which are to DIE FOR… *making a mental note to add these to my list of postables* Coconut Ice, Sugary Tablet, Stormjaers (fried doughnuts with raisins, rolled in sugar), oh hell, now I’m having an oil flashback from my youth and I’m gonna share with y’all.

So I must’ve been about 6….maybe 7 and I was playing outside and came running in to the house where my mom was baking, thirsty as anything! I saw a cup of apple juice and I swiftly picked it up and took a large gulp. Turns out the apple juice was NOT apple juice….but vegetable oil (go figure) and all I remember after that was hurling in to the bathroom sink! I still don’t trust apple juice to this day……

But brownies…! What’s not to love?! Am I right?!

I don’t make them too often…reason being, it’s one of those things…kinda like cookie dough..that I can literally eat until I’m sick.  I know, I’m disgusting 🐷🙈😅 (Wow, for trying to sell you on brownies, I think I’m talking about sick far too much 😬)

So because of my lack of will power, especially when it comes to sweet treats, and my brownies, I just try not to make them too often.  They’ve got that perfect brownie fudginess, not too cakey. And these beauties are rich! That’s from the Belgian chocolate chips, and that the fact that they’re made with 100% butter. They’ve got the classic shiny crumbly top from the high sugar content (I NEVER said they were healthy, just saying) and they’re gooey…and if you guys are anything like me, you prefer the side bits. I never take a centre piece first. I love the chewiness of the edges. See?! I’ve eaten 2 today already and writing this is making me reach for a 3rd. **Resist Carrie, resist!!!**

So basically I thinks it’s LONG overdue for me to start selling these babies online. Because why not?! They are wrapped in cellophane and boxed up in a white postal box filled with shredded paper to keep them from moving about too much.

Right now they’re only available in boxes of 12 squares…in an assortment of flavours. These little morsels freeze really well, so if 12 seems a bit much, just pop the uneaten ones in a freezer bag and they’ll last for a few weeks that way. I actually like to chop them up even smaller and throw it over my ice-cream 😏😍

The flavours will include;

Classic- Pure Brownie, no gimmicks

Traditional-With Walnuts added. ‘Dem Nuts Though!

Marshmallow-Marshmallows throughout and flambéed on top!

Oreo-Crushed Oreos throughout and baked on top.

Caramel- Swirls of Dulce de Leche embedded in each bite 😋

Highlander-A Scottish shortbread base and brownie on top!

Peanut Butter-Loaded with peanuts and swirls of peanut butter sprinkled with Reece’s Pieces

1 box of 12 slices is £10.50

I’m launching these just in time for Father’s Day on June 17th. Last date for ordering will be Thursday the 14th so I can get them shipped and posted for you to get them by Saturday the 16th!!

They will be available all year round! I’ll have a vegan range too, so there’s something for everybody!

Click here to order yours today!! Thanks my loves, I look so forward to baking for you 😘

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